Drilling Services

For drilling expertise you can trust, rely on Crude Energy Services. Our experienced team knows how to get the most out of drilling wells in the Permian Basin. We have been helping oilfield customers with their wells for years.

Drilling services need to be handled just right to see the best results. Drilling won’t be effective without the right equipment or most successful techniques. Crude Energy Services can provide all the assistance you need for your drilling needs.

Making Drilling Easy and Efficient for You

Crude Energy Services will work closely with each customer to meet their specific well drilling needs. This includes creating customer-specific designs to best drill for oil on site. We can install your state- of-the-art drill and make sure it’s working as it’s supposed to for effective drilling and completion.

Crude Energy Services can provide conventional wellhead equipment to complete the drilling process. We also provide frac stacks with 24-hour frac watch, as well as pressure testing to make sure drilling is being done efficiently. For the best results when it comes to drilling, put your faith in Crude Energy Services.