Here for Your Production, Drilling, and Completion Needs

At Crude Energy Services, what we do best is assist with your drilling, production, or completion operation. We can help you tackle your energy service needs. We handle everything from A, B, and C wellhead sections to surface ESP connections and more.

Our expertise includes multi-bowl systems, rental equipment, frac stacks, accumulators, surface mandrel and connection kits, flow back and production tree, daily greasing, cranes, pressure testing, and so much more. We are always open to new adventures at Crude Energy Services.

Serving Artesia & Carlsbad, NM and Odessa & Midland, TX

Oilfield Rentals

State-of-the-art drilling equipment when you need it

The goal of each and every service we provide is to make your oilfield operation much more efficient. To do this, we use state-of-the-art drilling equipment and the most effective techniques. Our oilfield rentals allow your business to get the latest technology without the long-term commitment. We are experts when it comes to hydrostatic testing, which detects problem areas in your system and keeps your pipes from leaking. We can keep everyone on your site safe while ensuring efficiency.

Crude Energy Services provides oilfield rentals for wellhead equipment, pressure testing, gas lift connections, daily greasing, and so much more. We can ensure that you complete each oilfield project on time and within budget. Call us today for the help you need. We proudly serve Artesia, NM; Carlsbad, NM; Odessa, TX, Midland, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Zipper Manifolds

CES ‘zipper’ manifolds are positioned for ideal sealing and results. Each is built to counteract the effects of sand and frac slurry erosion. To reduce the need for manlifts and harnesses, the manifold valves and connections are positioned safely within reach.

Casing Spool

The Casing Spool is a wellhead component that provides a means to support and seal an intermediate casing string. The upper section has a straight type bowl and a 45-degree load shoulder to support the production casing string. The lower section houses a secondary seal to isolate the two casing strings and provide a means to test the wellhead seals.

Allows for pressure testing of the wellhead seals to isolate the casing strings. Allows for support and testing of a BOP system while drilling out for the next casing string. Provides a casing hanger load shoulder and bowl for hanging and sealing of the next casing string. The load shoulder and bowl also accommodate BOP test plugs.

Nipple Up

Crude Energy Services provides full service frac stack nipple up installation to ensure the equipment at the appropriate torque level. Hiring an experienced nipple up crew can save hours of rig time for the operator and help ensure the rig manager or company man that the BOP stack being used is installed correctly.

Spacer Spools

The Spacer Spool is provided in every size and pressure rating. Spacer Spools normally have the same end connections; however, CES can supply to customer specifications. We have cross over spools that can transition from different sizes and PSI ratings. They are manufactured to customer desired length or can be provided with minimum length to provide adequate working space.

Surface ESP

Crude Energy Services offers a complete line of surface electrical equipment and electrical engineering services specifically tailored to applications involving ESP (electric submersible pumps) and the surface connection, like a gator feed, PFT, BIW and speed feed connectors. We connect straight to our penetrator to reduce failure points. Our ESP mandrel can be landed without removing the BOP or valve.

24 hour Frac Watch

Frac Watch service crews are available for pressure testing and maintenance during the fracturing and completion stages to reduce downtime, maximize efficiencies, maintain safety and environmental controls.

Conventional Wellheads

Our conventional wellheads combine the tubing head adapter, production blow-out preventer, pumping tee and studded-top connection in one solid unit. This is a stable, secure product that provides distinct advantages over traditional pumping Christmas tree arrangements. Other integrated features in our conventional wellheads include hydraulic operator, gate valve, rod clamp, injection/instrumentation exits, and dual completions.

Multi Bowl Systems

CES Multi-Bowl System offers significant time savings advantages over conventional wellheads. The Multi-Bowl System comes complete with wear bushings, running tools, standard and emergency pack off, and combination test plug/running retrieving tool. Field proven. Saves rig time by reducing installation time. Increases safety by reducing BOP/ diverter handling.


A hydraulic accumulator is a device in which potential energy is stored in the form of a compressed gas or spring, or by a raised weight to be used to exert a force against a relatively incompressible fluid. They are used in fluid power systems to accumulate energy and to smooth out pulsations. Much as an air dome is used on pulsating piston or rotary pumps. They will cushion hydraulic hammer, reducing shocks caused by rapid operation or sudden starting and stopping of power cylinders in a hydraulic circuit.

A hydraulic system utilizing an accumulator can use a smaller fluid pump since the accumulator stores energy from the pump during low demand periods. This energy is available for instantaneous use, released upon demand at a rate many times greater than could be supplied by the pump alone. Accumulators can also act as surge or pulsation absorbers. CES specializes in performing functional tests, repairs and/or replaces 4-way valves, chokes, and relief valves, as well as bladder recharge/replacement.

Flow Crosses

Pressure-containing equipment consisting of four or more flanged or studded connections used to control and direct fluid flow. A flow cross is typically a component of Christmas trees, where it connects the master valve, wing valves, and swab valve. In a wellhead, a flow cross connects the master valve and the swab valve with two, normally horizontal, connections to the wing valves.

Goat Head

Frac Adapters made to customer specifications for all API connections. Goat Heads available with four, five or six outlets. Flanges available in any standard API size. Flow Crosses available for all frac stacks with outlet sizes. Adapters, DSA’s, and Cross overs available in all API sizes.

Gate Valves

We make sure your gate valves are functioning properly to either allow or prevent proper fluid flow for your oilfield operations. Malfunctioning gate valves can spell disaster for productivity, efficiency, and safety. Our oilfield experts will inspect your gate valves to make sure they are operating at the correct level of performance, and perform repairs or replacements as necessary.